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Locus Six Sigma
Application of Six Sigma Methods for Improving the Analytical Data Management Process in the Environmental Industry

Honeywell applied the rigorous and well-documented Six Sigma quality-improvement approach to the complex, highly heterogeneous, and mission-critical process of remedial site environmental data management to achieve a sea change in terms of data quality, environmental risk reduction, and overall process cost reduction.

Locus Bioreactor
Creating and Maintaining an In-Situ Bioreactor

Bio-SpargeSM remediation technology has been used on a refined petroleum pipeline project site in the Phoenix area. The client collaborated with MCC Technologies (MCC) and engineers now associated with Locus Technologies (Locus), to use their Bio-SpargeSM bioremediation technology to create and sustain an in-situ bioreactor to remediate soil and groundwater that were contaminated by a refined petroleum products pipeline release.