Accredited CARB GHG Lead Verifier (P8)

Position Details

Immediate opening for a full-time Accredited Lead Verifier under the California Air Resources Board’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) program. Additional accreditation under CARB’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard and/or Oregon’s GHG and/or Clean Fuels Programs and/or Washington GHG Program is beneficial. This is a challenging position that requires knowledge and understanding of the regulations, and effective direct communication with clients, regulators, and colleagues. The ideal candidate will work independently to research regulatory requirements, review report content, and attest to the validity of GHG/LCFS/CFP reports and applications submitted to the State Agencies.
Travel is required and will vary depending on regulatory requirements and client locations.
In addition, the successful candidate will be a team member contributing to our established environmental consulting practice, which may include consulting services in the GHG/LCFS space, environmental investigation, remediation, and field work.

About Locus

Locus Technologies is a leading GHG Verification Body in the State of California. Locus has completed over 750 verifications under CARB’s GHG and LCFS Programs. Accredited by CARB since the inception of those programs (2010, and 2020, respectively), Locus maintains Lead Verifiers accredited under all sector specialties and application/report types. Additionally, Locus is an accredited Verification Body under Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s GHG and Clean Fuels Programs, as well as Washington Department of Ecology’s GHG Program, including dozens of additional verification projects. Locus additionally provides consulting services for reporters and fuel pathway holders in the GHG/LCFS space, including report/application preparation and proposed capital projects evaluations.
Locus, established in 1997, is an award-winning firm and recognized industry leader in environmental engineering and sustainability services, providing environmental compliance, specialty investigations, highly experienced remediation/restoration, technical oversight, and hazardous materials management services. Locus specializes in solving complex client problems. Locus is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and offers high-level engineering consulting and strategic support services.


  • BS in Engineering, Environmental Science, or other Sciences
  • CARB Lead Verifier accreditation in Greenhouse Gas program with at least one Specialty
  • US work authorization is required
  • Valid driver’s license with a driving record in good standing is required


Comprehensive compensation package, including paid holidays and paid FTO, health insurance, dental/vision insurance, performance bonuses, and competitive salaries. Annual salary of $85,000 – $165,000, based on experience.

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