How San Jose Water Company is reporting effectively through self-made mobile applications with Locus Platform

San Jose Water Company (SJWC) is a major water utility operating in California and is subject to a wide range of complex and time-sensitive regulatory requirements for every aspect of operations.

Record-keeping and reporting are major aspects of SJWC’s diverse compliance programs.  These tasks were previously managed through a combination of paper logs and Excel spreadsheets. 

To improve these record-keeping systems, SJWC considered purchasing an out-of-the-box data management system, but after careful consideration, they chose to employ Locus Platform in its customer-configurable format (LP-X).

Casey Claborn, Water Quality Engineer at SJWC, recently gave a special presentation on “How one organization is reporting effectively through self-made mobile applications” at the 2018 NAEM EHS & Sustainability Software & Data Management Conference.

Casey demonstrated his organization’s self-made applications and detailed how his team designed their own compliance forms, as well as how the system can be completely mobile-enabled.  He walked through the Locus Platform workflows and discussed plans to expand its use to other areas of SJWC.

March 30, 2018
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