ENR Announces the Top 200 Environmental Firms: How Global Needs Boost Demand

Engineering News-Record.com

Posted by Neno Duplan

Despite economic uncertainties around the world, 2012 providers of environmental services continue to see a rise in revenue. This is in part due to increases in non-U.S. work and private-sector activity. Although a large share of the revenue base still comes from the domestic market, it’s clear that the need for environmental compliance has led to private-sector companies outside of the U.S. turning to top environmental firms.

ENR reports that these top environmental firms focus on various markets such as hazardous waste, water treatment and supply, wastewater, air pollution, nuclear waste, environmental management, and environmental science. Lately, the particularly rewarding sectors seem to be water-wastewater, transportation, and oil and gas development. With the growing concern over shale-gas extraction sites, companies are committing more funds to this cleanup, and enlisting top environmental firms to help with the process.

However, ENR states that if environmental services continue to be commoditized, firms have the right to be concerned over how to stand out in the crowd, and boost the value of what they offer. If the current external market stays flat or declines it is certainly possible that methods most firms use to remain profitable will no longer be effective.

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