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Locus Platform for configurable and scalable EHS software

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Build your own EHS apps with Locus Platform

Build the app of your dreams with Locus Platform

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When it comes to software development, “one size fits all” just doesn’t cut it.

Most customers expect their software to be customizable to meet their unique requirements.  So, it only makes sense to pick a solution that is designed with the latest configurable tools to make customizations simple, affordable, and forward compatible with future releases. 

Locus Platform was built from the ground up to meet the ever-changing needs of clients with built-in configuration tools that anyone can use.   You can build from scratch, select from a library of component building blocks, or simply tweak our pre-built applications to accommodate your unique needs.  You can also easily integrate with third party content providers or your own internal systems.  Plus, all apps are mobile-enabled—even the ones you design yourself.

Make your IT team insanely happy.

Integrate, don’t duplicate

Apps on the platform can be linked to work together, or remain independent.  This helps reduce your cost and the time needed for new application deployment; with Locus Platform, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you identify the need for a new app or integration.

Apps for every department

With the flexibility to create targeted applications for any existing workflow, Locus Platform can be used by multiple departments or corporate groups within the same organization–to achieve completely different ends.  A single software solution can meet the unique demands of your various teams. That means fewer license fees to juggle, less software to support, and more resources to empower your teams to maximize their productivity.

Today’s needs might change tomorrow

Whether you opt to build your own set of applications or have us configure it for you, you’ll get access to the configuration toolbox.  So when a new requirement is added in a few months, or you identify ways to streamline your workflow, it’s as easy as opening the toolbox and making the changes yourself—you won’t be at the mercy of long development cycles or, worse, having to find a completely new solution.

Which approach will work better for your business?

LP-X Pre-configured Platform
Start with an “empty” Platform and use a powerful toolbox to build custom apps for any industry Pick and choose from our existing pre-built apps based on your current business needs
Unlimited potential Lightning-fast implementation
Drag & drop form configuration Applications grow with your needs
Rule wizards help with building business logic Keep your whole team up to date with email notifications
Drag & drop workflow creation and editing Workflows designed around you
Unleash your IT team– nobody knows your business better than its own employees Customized security settings
Build applications to your niche needs, from simple to complex, including mobile Pick the applications you need, when you need them

Completely configurable cloud platform

Don’t see the specific app or module you’re looking for?  Or, perhaps your company has highly specialized data types or reporting requirements?  Locus Platform’s built-in configuration tools give your team a wide range of options not available in other solutions.

Design the perfect workflow to meet your business needs, with as few or as many steps as you want

Create the dashboards that you always imagined, to highlight exactly the information you want in any format (charts, maps, tables, tree maps, diagrams, and more)—and share your custom dashboards with your whole team, so everyone can see the real-time information that’s relevant to them

No report format is too complex—create reports and reporting schedules to exactly fit your needs, even for the most demanding specifications

Even your custom reports, forms, and applications are intelligently integrated with our standard applications and basic platform functionality including notifications, charting tools, reporting, Excel imports, and search

Empower your team by creating apps to fit your existing business requirements and workflows—our powerful configuration workbench lets you add unlimited apps, reports, input forms, workflows, and dashboards

Do more with mobile—every form in the desktop platform can be mobile-enabled, so you can introduce new ways of streamlining data collection to your team

Locus Platform Custom Workflow
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